Welcome to our Restaurant

Kapten Bille’s, STF Hostel, Restaurant & Café is situated in the old harbour warehouse by Göta Canal in Norsholm. Here, you can eat well while enjoying the calm by the canal. We offer home-made baked goods and the restaurant is fully licensed.

Our restaurant offers lots of delicious options. The menu contains our famous pepper steak, fillet of beef or salmon, freshly made pasta, quiches, baked potatoes and more. The restaurant is fully licensed. During the warmer months, you can sit on the veranda watching Göta Canal and its boat life.

Today’s Lunch

Lunch is served every day except Sundays from 11:30 – 14:00 for 79 SEK.







The Restaurant

On our á la carte menu, you will find everything from our famous pepper steak to quiches, baked potatoes, goulash, lots of different sandwiches and more. See the full menu a bit further down.

If you would rather enjoy a ”fika” – that’s Swedish for coffee and something sweet – you can take seat in a relaxing, cosy environment and enjoy one of our home-baked cakes such as our famous apfelstrudel or Tosca cake. Or why not have a cup of coffee and a freshly baked waffle while sitting on the veranda, watching Göta Canal and its boat life.

Bad weather is no problem as the veranda is equipped with a retractable roof and glass windows that can be pulled up to protect our guests against wind and rain. There is also heating and blankets.

The restaurant offers several great vegetarian alternatives. We also help those allergic to certain ingredients find enjoyable alternatives amongst our dishes and baked goods.

We have several vegetarian alternatives on our menu and most the meat can easily be exchanged for quorn in most dishes.

If you have other requests, you are more than welcome to ask questions so that we can make sure that we can help you in the best possible way.

Kapten Bille’s Menu

House Pepper Steak
with french fries, pepper sauce & vegetables
House Beef Fillet with Pasta
with cream sauce & vegetables
Salmon fillet
with french fries, white wine sauce and vegetables
Brasken's Chicken
Grilled chicken breast fillet, baked potato, mangoraja & salad
Caesar salad
Grilled chicken breast fillet, salad, ceasar dressing and bread
Prawn salad
Hand peeled prawns, salad, ceasar dressing and bread
Greek Salad
Greek cheese, olives, salad, white wine vinegar and bread
With cheese, roasted onions, bearnaise sauce, french fries and salad
Greek Cheese Pie
Served with salad and sour cream
Salmon and spinach pie
Served with salad and ceasar dressing
Chicken and bacon pie
Served with salad and ceasar dressing
Baked Potato
with prawn or chicken creamy mix and salad
House Oxpytt
A meat, potato and onion fried hash, served with fried eggs, beets and salad
Austrian bratwurst
With fried potato, sauerkraut and salad
Toast skagen
Prawns mixed with mayo served on toast. Served on bread with salad garnish.
Bikers Special
Goulash soup
With sour cream, thyme, bread & butter
Chicken nuggets
With french fries and salad
Children's organic pancakes
With strawberry jam and whipped cream
Children's 90g hamburger
With french fries, bread and salad

Staff are happy to help you with allergy questions.