Kapten Bille’s Sauna Package

Relax at Kapten Bille’s with a sauna in the wood-fired floating sauna offering the chance to dive into Göta Canal from the raft. In the evening, a lovely two-course dinner awaits in our restaurant.

Having a sauna is both cleansing and relaxing. It is also a perfect spot for talking and spending time together. Bring your friends and enjoy yourselves in our wood-fired floating sauna. It is anchored by the dock and can accommodate 8-10 people.

End your sauna session with a refreshing dip in Göta Canal, via the outside ladder or through the small opening inside the sauna. In the evening, a 2-course dinner is served in our restaurant. After that, you will sleep well in one of our cabins before waking up to a wonderful breakfast buffet with freshly baked bread.

Book via email or telephone

E-mail info@kaptenbille.se
Tel 011-545 50


860 SEK
Non Member
910 SEK

The price is based on a booking of at least 4 people outside peak season

Price Includes:

  • Sauna
  • 2-course dinner
  • Accommodation in double room
  • Bed linen, cleaning and breakfast
  • Breakfast

If you want to you can add bike or canoe hire to head out for your own adventures along Göta Canal..

120 SEK
per day and bike
120 SEK
per canoe for 4 hours
220 SEK
per canoe for full day