Sustainability Policy

Our ambition is to be a good environmentally friendly choice for our guests and staff.

The hostel already meet several criteria to operate as an environmentally friendly hostel. The shower area is already equipped with water-saving shower heads and we have installed heat pumps that reduces our energy consumption.

By engaging our staff and guests in our environmental work, we want to become a good role model along Göta Canal and highlight the importance of environmental work and community engagement.

Our business is built on satisfied, happy guests that return to us.
We want to promote environmentally friendly and sustainable tourism and offer our guests activity alternatives that cause minimal environmental impact.

We will work continually with our environmental initiatives and will continually keep staff informed of how that work is progressing and how we expect them to be involved.

Through our environmental work, we have introduced:

  • Ecological basic produce and ecological dishes
  • Clearly signed recycling facilities for both guests and staff
  • An end to the use of bags during the making of beds
  • A scheme to replace all lights in the hostel with energy-efficient LED lights (where possible)
  • A scheme to replace our fridges with more energy-efficient alternatives